Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Out Shooting 12/23/2008 Southern Maine

I'm up in Maine for the holidays again.

The only day I've gone out shooting so far was yesterday, and I got up before sunrise and hit the coast.

Biddeford Pool, Maine.

Read on for more.

There was a Snow Owl seen here about 5 days prior. It would be so cool to see one. I spent a couple of hours driving through the area, there was still a good coating of snow on the roads.

I liked this house, that little lookout tower would be fun.

While in the Biddeford area I only spotted a handful of Starlings, and some Robins. And this hawk, possibly a Cooper's.

Then I headed over to South Portland, and on the way took a right after the river and I saw this guy, which I'm guessing is a Broad Winged Hawk.

I stopped off at Bug Light and spotted these guys following a fisherman out of the harbor.

The fence along the path out to Bug Light was covered in snow and ice. And yeah, it was freakin' cold out.

I spotted some Long Tailed Ducks

And a couple of Mergansers

Some Pilings - South Portland Maine

I need to get back out again soon, and maybe I'll get lucky and find a Snowy Owl...