Saturday, May 30, 2009

Great Falls National Park - May 2009

I hadn't visited Great Falls in a while, but I went last night and again this morning.

During the rain

It rained in the evening yesterday and I was hoping for some good light as the storm passed. It was pretty good, even had a rainbow. But the light over the main part of the falls wasn't as magical as I'd hoped.

Read on for some more on when I went this morning...

Rainbow looking east

The light did get better, but it was too late, and the clouds weren't helping exactly...

Here's one of a Heron with some water blur from last night also:
Great Falls

And these are from today, looking across the river in the other direction.

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron @ Great Falls NP

The Great Blue Herons were really active. They must have lots of nestlings to feed. There's a rookery up river from the falls on Conn Island. And that's where the Bald Eagle's nest is too. They have one chick this year, and he was standing tall in the nest today.

And here's one adult perched high above and to the left of the nest

And here's the other adult working the edge of the river. Looks like it was a successful season for them. Their chick should be fledging pretty soon.