Sunday, September 6, 2009

Year 5 Day 6 - Inspiration

I'm constantly inspired

Just yesterday I was out shooting and ran in to some old friends. Someone had a 'brag-book' and wanted to share their images. I said something like 'bring it, make me jealous and inspire me'.


I don't hold good photography against anyone. Even if I don't like you personally, if you make great images I can appreciate them. Maybe not you, but them yes.

Photography is about the photos, not the photographer(s). Right?

Junco In The Snow

While I almost always mark my images with my logo, it isn't so much to be about me, but to sort of 'brand' my images with my mark, to create a usually/hopefully subtle way for viewers to link my images to me... even if they are blogged, stolen, or casually viewed without someone knowingly browsing my stream of images on flickr.

Photography is a pretty personal thing. And I like to view other people's work too. Flickr is great for that. It is nice to view what others are actively producing (be it nearby or far away).

In the last week or two I have found some new sources of inspiration, and that's a nice thing to find (JayF, NevadaW, and some others). Because having a handful of contacts or friends can lead to almost like a gated community of thought. Everyone does similar stuff and that feeds on itself, but in a bad way. Horizons need to expand not contract. I want to be inspired by people I've never heard of doing things I haven't even imagined.

Osprey welcomes the new day

So, what I try to do when I see something that's awesome, great, amazing, incredible - I enjoy the image, give the photog all due credit, and then take a breath. Then I wish it were my image, wonder if that's possible, how can I do work like that at a high level (even if it is totally a different subject and location). Often it is about capturing emotion or moment, and feeling. If a photo touches me like that, I want to know how it happened, and add that knowledge to my toolbox, so I can try the same...

Learn from everyone, but copy no one
I just try to be careful and don't turn in to a copycat. If it has been done, do it differently, do it better, make it your own.... If I try all that, and it doesn't work - that's fine. I can post an 'aged image', and try again harder or differently next time.

Wildlife photography is one of those things I suppose. It is always unique. Every day, every animal, every moment is unique. I can do a bunch of things right, but if it doesn't produce good images it is quite possible that it is not my fault! How good is that?!

String too many of those days together though and it might be time to try new tactics. Even when I have a run of bad luck, I always try to stay inspired and motivated and keep pressing on.

Nothing risked, nothing gained.