Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More skimmers! Lol

The way I shoot and edit, it has its pluses and its minuses.

I shoot a LOT! I do initial quick edits on much of the images. And then very often I will and look at and pick through the edits. I will see what strikes me, what catches my eye, what I still like, and share from that. Lots of times I will continue to edit or re-edit those images.

Here are a couple of those images:
FleeingShake it off

One of the gotchas with that workflow is that when I shoot a LOT of images, I often overlook entire sections of images, partial days of shooting.

Tonight I found a little spot in a trip's 3000+ images where I'd missed reviewing them a first time. These were near sunset and I got fairly close on my knees in the sand with a couple cameras and a big and small lens in hand.

Behind The Scenes

And I also found a bunch of the images I made from the above spot, I had a great time shooting them. They were playful and not too skittish. I shot them at sunrise and sunset this fall probably a dozen times.

Juvenile Black Skimmers

Shoot lots, chimp a little, and then shoot more. :D