Friday, January 22, 2010

Great Blue Heron Video

I just figured out why previous videos weren't filling the frame when I did the edit (adding images auto selected 4:3 aspect ratio even when video was 16:9, and then when the two were mixed neither filled the frame.).... Edit done in Windows Movie Maker, captured with D300s.

I tried to change the aspect ratio on an existing Movie Maker project's images and it hung the app. So, the below video is a re-do on a movie I was trying to make. It actually took me a few tries to make a project from scratch that behaved correctly, in the end I made a new project, changed the image aspect ratio without any files or clips added, saved that, then closed MM and opened my project fresh and it worked.

One of the things mentioned in a recent This Week in Photography podcast episode was when shooting video not to pan around and chase the action like you might for still images. But instead setup the video camera and let the action happen inside the frame.

For this footage that's just what I'd done, setup the camera and let stuff happen without moving around.



ToadMama said...

Very nice! I think letting the video camera stand still was the right advice. The video turned out great. The pics are nice, too, of course. Thanks for the GBH break on a cold Friday afternoon!

每公 said...
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