Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Some 2009 Favorite Images of Mine

I already posted a year in review flickr post a few days ago:
2009 Year in Review

A couple of those that stand out follow.

This one for the flock, ocean and rocks - I just like the composition, the image itself didn't jump out at me during initial reviews, but it has stuck with me since I found it a month or more later in my further reviews.
Flock's Up

This stands out even though for purposed of this blog it is captive and I usually only post *wild* or *non-captive* shots here. I began to work more on blur shots and had a camera die this day and within a couple days of taking this image the 3 brothers were sent from the zoo and just one cheetah remains there right now so no more trying for stuff like this.
Body In Motion

In 2009 I embraced the different and new, and did things I would have previously avoided. This is shot from the VA side of Great Falls down below at Fisherman's eddy. Kate talked me in to adventuring down there, and while the short climb was dicey it wasn't really that bad and I've done it many times since.
Great Falls!

The first time I got a Baltimore Oriole and it wasn't a tiny spec was in 2009 and the color in the background helped make this a memorial image for me.
Baltimore Oriole @ Brookside Gardens

This image and the process I used to capture it taught me to line up not just the horizon to perfectly horizontal but also the elements in the foreground. Too many times I've shot similar things but the foreground bothered me and I considered the images failures. Here the parallel lines work, and the lack of distracting angled foreground help.

Finally it is this image that reminds me of how fun it was to get to watch and get to know a little, this osprey pair. They successfully raised 3 chicks and I saw chick 3 fledge... This year I plan even more things for osprey (stay tuned), so I can better get more personal and intimate images with the least bother to the birds...
Honey, I'm Home!  (+animation)

Happy Shootin'





Misty Dawn said...

I discovered you on Flickr today. You are an amazingly talented photographer. I instantly marked you as a contact on Flickr. Then I saw this blog on your profile. As I'm a blogger (and wannabe freelance nature photographer) I think this blog is also outstanding. I'm bookmarking so I can get all your updates!

Misty Dawn said...

P.S. I'd love to know how you created the slideshow header for the blog.