Friday, April 9, 2010

Canon Hacks, Someone please hack my Nikon!


What you have to do:
1.) Download the flle:
2.) Extract it
3.) Plug in your camera with the USB to your computer, turn the camera on.
4.) Run the .exe - That's it.
5.) Press WRITE on the software to record a video

Still not your 5D Mark II because your camera has to stay connected to a laptop in order to record video and there's no audio.

*edit* I don't imagine using this method to shoot anything substantial because it's not practical or 1080p HD


Discovered because Andy posted this:

and this

The main things I'd want are:
-better control over bracketing - ie like my d70s had, 3 shot brackets with 2 stops per shot (d200, d300, d300s only do 1 stop increments only, even if it does more shots)
-shutter speed control for video recording (d300s)
- / Jon