Wednesday, April 14, 2010

CS5 and the iPad - I don't care


People, bloggers, photographer, technology enthusiast are all going bonkers for the iPad and the upcoming release of Photoshop CS5.

Personally neither item gets me excited.

CS5 - I'd rather get excited over taking photos, not editing them. OOhh, Ahhh, content aware fill - really, are photographers like ME getting excited? Less than 1 percent of my images are digitally altered for content. I adjust levels, sharpness, crop, but I don't rip and replace content from my images. Maybe just maybe stitching panoramas where there are data gaps, but I'm not sure if it is that needed of a feature for me.

iPad - I have an iPod Touch already. I really enjoy it for podcast, and having some images in my pocket at the ready to share. It's my 2nd iPod - I had a gen3(?) video ipod which was nice too. So I have 2 desktops, 2 laptops, 2 ipods, and that's just my personal stuff (I have 2 work desktops and a laptop there too). If the iPad had a camera, gps, a memory card reader (flash, and SD) I'd be more interested.

I think a cable that connects the average video ipod to a tv or pc monitor is much more interesting, and I have one of those.

Locations, subjects, taking images - that excites me.

-50- / Jon