Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Planning for a project, something to shoot for

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I've been trying to come up with a project. Something I can work on for a while, something to influence my plans and my approach to shooting for a long period of time.

My current approach is to shoot as much as possible. But that is not a long term plan, just a good measure of energy or making time for shooting.

I came up with 2 ideas for projects:
1) 365 project for shooting at a location - for instance shooting at great falls national park every day for a year. Hmm, yeah, that means I couldn't travel at all and miss a day. So, kind of tough to do. Then I got to thinking maybe I could just try to over time shoot and get a good/meaningful image each day of the year, over many year, and over time hitting each day of the year (ie all 365 days of the year). That I might be able to do. I need to figure out what days at Great Falls are already covered and then try to fill in the gaps...

2) I had the title for the project for a while, it's "Going Vertical". I shoot almost all the time horizontally so this would be a way to motivate me to think a little differently and try to compose vertically. For a couple weeks I've tried this, and taken more verticals than I would have done otherwise.

With those as my thoughts for a project, I am going to work on the "Going Vertical" project and shoot and post many vertical shots for a while.

Here's my first vertical post.
Going Vertical #1

I hope to shoot and not just CROP to vertical, I want to actually SHOOT vertically btw...


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Matt said...

good idea. we live in a horizontal world...so flipping that's a great thing to shoot for. good luck!

mondaine said...

Great.. good luck with your project.
- Sandeep

Misty Dawn said...

Your talent is amazing! I like the idea of giving yourself a project. I'll have to try to come up with one for myself.