Thursday, July 8, 2010

Time to take photos is now!


Sure it is hot, sure there are lots of bugs. But these are some of the longest days of the year. And sunrise and sunset are some of the best things to go looking for.

Super long days like these make it easier to go shooting on a work day.

Great Falls National Park @ Sunset

Sunrise is before 6am and sunset is after 8pm. Unless you work 14 hours a day, there's a good chance you can find the time, even during the week, to get out and shoot!

This time of year isn't my favorite, I like the cooler days, the days when sunset is 7pm or sunrise is 7am... It's easier to drive to a sunrise that's a hundred miles away. But it makes closer shooting on a weekday possible.

Early morning might give a chance to avoid the heat, and late in the day evening thunderstorms can make for more dramatic scenes...

Find time to shoot now or you might never...

--50-- / Jon


ToadMama said...

Wow, that's gorgeous.