Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Don't just take the perfect shots


One thing that I've learned is that you have to take tons and tons of photos.

It takes time to experiment, review, learn. Repetition is a big thing.

I like to have photos that cover the in between times, not just the moments that appear to be "the perfect shots". They help glue together the day for me when reviewing the images I got. They also help me to keep an open mind - and potentially shoot anything.

I shot some photos showing the parking lot here, the signage, and the water tower - a few days ago.

Tonight when I was reviewing the image I realized that there was a peregrine falcon hiding on the tower! While I didn't get anything great of him, I did get him. And I will know for future reference.

Shoot anything and everything.

Peregrine's like high perches and there was lots of other birds in the area. Birds were traveling to the bay side to catch fish, and then flying back to the ocean side. I bet the peregrine could pick off a skimmer or tern in about 20 seconds or less and be done hunting... / Jon