Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Not just clicks but photos

From: http://natureandwildlifephotography.blogspot.com/

Nature and Wildlife Photography is a strange thing in a way. It takes so much trial and error, repetition, exploration, and discovery to move forward and learn and see things. Then capturing meaningful images is another thing, and doing it in a way that others will also appreciate the nature/wildlife of it, that too takes time.

Luck is certainly one way to make that all happen. Luck is a major part of things, you can't usually wake up and know that wildlife will do something, and you can capture it, with any certainty. It just doesn't play out that way. But if you get lucky, many things click and can lead to images.

Planning, research, and making circumstances that embrace luck is another thing though. Being ready to be lucky will make for much more *good* luck.

Since there's no film to buy, and with dSLRs you can click-click and see what you've got, and move on... You have to pursue things with a passion, try and try, and get what you get, and try to learn and just be more prepared next time. And take risks, not standing on a cliff's edge, but trying something new, a new location or new technique, etc.

With time - I've learned to really look forward to each new season in the mid-atlantic area. There's always something new just around the corner and as Fall is only a month on, the future always seems to hold something worth looking forward to, something to plan for, strategize for, and hopefully make great new images as a result of the process.

Heads Up!

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Matt said...

"The thing about lady luck...is...she normally smiles upon the people that work the hardest"

Good post Jon.