Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Snow Geese in DE MD VA area 2012

Last year (2012) was an odd year for Snow Geese. There were some here and there but it seemed like the largest group was in the Prime Hook NWR DE area. Counts were roughly 200,000!

Blast Off!
I managed to get out there a couple times and saw the most I've seen anywhere. But there were so many that they came and went and were all over the place so I doubt I ever saw the "full" group.

Sharp Blur

On one particular occasion I went hunting for a group that had left the refuge proper, any group really. And I found a couple groups in fields about 5 or 10 miles out.
This group was north west of PHNWR:
Snow Geese in DE (+animation)


I don't know what 2013 holds in the way of Snow Geese. I heard there were some at Bombay Hook last month, and I think I saw a photo with a small number from Prime Hook recently...

But where are the huge number of Snow Geese in 2013? If you know, please share you info in a comment. / Jon / +nikographer