Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Tell me about Your struggle

This tiny turtle was as small as a quarter.  I spotted him along the trail at  The Nature Conservancy's Meadows in Cape May NJ.

D4 w/ 24-120mm. 1/1250 f/7.1 ISO 220 (manual exposure w/ auto-ISO)
tell me about Your struggle

Seeing such a small version of a turtle that is hoping to grow so large and has a huge struggle in front of them was something I found interesting and something to reflect on and gain perspective from.

In day to day life we think we may have it hard and things aren't going our way, and it is such a struggle.  But when compared to this little guy we have it easy!  He has it so hard I could have easily not spotted him and stepped on him and that's it.  Some giant shoe ends his entire life.  Over.

And yet we worry and complain and feel like it is so hard our lives.