Hi there.

You've found me. I'm a Maryland based Nature and Wildlife photographer. I have a day job, and do this photography thing for fun.

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My flickr page is here

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My NatureAndWildlifePhotography blog is here.

Here's my old blog (which has zoo stuff too).

My flickr-dna's here

Some of my gear is here and here - I now also have a Nikkor 200-400mm and D300s.
Updated 2014 - I now have a D4, and D7100 for new cameras. For lenses I now have a 500mm f/4, 600mm f/4, 70-200mm f/2.8, new 80-400mm VR2, 35-70mm f/2.8 (old), SB-910. No longer in the bag is my D300, that was sold to my brother for a few bucks.

Most of my shooting locations are documented in these sets on flickr
Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, MarylandAssateague & ChincoteagueShenandoah National ParkGreat Falls National Park, Maryland (and VA)Conowingo Dam, MD

If you're looking for the surf shots from August 2013, they're here on Facebook:

If I had to pick just a few images to be known for or to promote, these might be them... *updated to be the ones I've already selected for the side of my blog...

Have fun.

Black Skimmer / Movement&Motion

If you'd like to contact me I'm on flickr, or can be reach via email here: nikographer [at] gmail dot COM... Read more On "Nikographer"!