Sunday, June 8, 2008

Take Your Photos When You Get The Chances

This Winter and Spring I've come to realize that certain encounters are extra special, and fleeting.

I never expected this Winter and Spring to be largely about Foxes for me. Bombay Hook and Blackwater Refuges made it possible, I got to see and photograph Red Foxes (adults and kits) on quite a few occasions.

Some regular spottings of adult foxes at Bombay Hook in January and February led to kits first at Blackwater NWR Maryland, and then kits in Delaware. While these were all new experiences for me, and some great chances to get some images like I'd never done before, the circumstances changed just as quickly. Within about a week of my personally finding out about the kits, they'd been moved (both sets). I fully suspect that the results of people finding them was the cause of the moving (kits to new den). At two dens this action took about 8 days to complete. From accounts I heard from a few fellow photographers at each location, the momma moved the kits over a couple or few days, i.e. not moving them all at once.

Red Fox Kit - Blackwater NWR, MD

Curious Fox Kits @ Blackwater NWR, MD


Bombay Hook
Red Fox @ Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge, Delaware (3/23/2008)

Pretty Red Fox - Bombay Hook NWR, Delaware (3/23/2008)

Together, they rejoiced! . . . . . . . .  (Red Foxes at Bombay Hook, National Wildlife Refuge in Delaware - 9 of 9, full story)

Sleeping Fox Kit @ BBH DE

Fox Kit Closeup