Friday, June 6, 2008

Thinking About Selling Photos

So, I'm thinking about settings up a site to offer some images for sale, prints...

I've had the idea for a while, and have made a couple of false starts in setup things in the past.

A couple of years ago I tried SmugMug, and a year later I setup a little thing on CafePress.

Now I think I will pick a limited amount of images, and give it a try again. I built a rough collection of images to choose from, and sorted them in to about 5 categories: Air Planes, Animals (wild), Animals (captive), Lanscapes & Flowers, and finally Creative/Altered/Fantasy for manipulated images. I plan to keep it pretty tight on the amount of images, maybe less than 50 total, just a few pages worth.

Here are few samples of what I will be picking from:

Great (Falls) Blue Heron
Canadian Snowbirds @ Joint Service Open House 2006
Precision - GBH @ Centennial Lake, Columbia Maryland  2006
"Catch of the Day"
Close Encounter of the Red Fox Kind - Great Falls Maryland [1] 2
Together, they rejoiced! . . . . . . . .  (Red Foxes at Bombay Hook, National Wildlife Refuge in Delaware - 9 of 9, full story)

Once I get the images selected that I want to use, I'm probably going to re-edit them all to maximize the resolution / adjust or remove crop, and get the edits just right with whatever new things I've learned since I last edited each.

If you have setup something (a web site), and sold some photos, please shoot me a comment here or on flickr. How did you promote it, and what kind of volume were you able to do? And post a link if you want here to your store...


About me:

Photography (film based) was first an interest of mine in high school and then college, but many many years passed. It wasn't until I went from a point and shoot digital camera, to a digital SLR that I started to get really excited (~Aug2005).



Angel Cher ♥ said...

Jon, that would be great... then I can buy those photos I asked about, especially the Lighthouse in Maine! (awesome HDR!) the Great Falls! and the Fox and the Eagle shot you have on your Blog is amazing!


Angel Cher

Laurie-B said...

You absolutely shold sell you images. They are some of the best I've seen.

The question I've always had regrading selling online is no matter how good the images and site are, how do you drive paying cutomers to it? Once at your site, how do you entice viewers to part with cash instead of just looking at fantastic images? I think there's more to it than image quality. Your's have that covered that's for sure.