Monday, September 29, 2008

Conowingo Dam - Outakes 9/28/2008

I was at the Dam on Sunday 9/28/2008. The action was pretty low. In the 7 or so hours I was there only one bird landed in the trees with a fish in a visible spot. A few others did fly in to those trees but they landed too high up and in the back of the tree line.

Here's the shot I posted already:

Read on for some of the other birds that were there and some photos...

While the day was slow, there were a number of other birds spotted. These aren't quite the quality of what I normally post, but here they are for background on some of the variety present at the Dam along the Susquehanna River in Maryland.

Peregrine Falcon:

Bald Eagles:

Black Vultures:

An Osprey:

American Kestrel:



Vandyll said...

Nice shots, Jon. I have that one shot I got of the Kingfisher sitting on my hard drive at home. It isn't the greatest, but when I get home from Reston on Friday, I'll post it up to add to what we saw Sunday.

Delmarvagrapher said...

Jon, saw a few comments on FredMiranda noting an increase at the Dam, heading there tomorrow. Hopefully more Eagles. Also heading to Blackwater on Friday for Eagle action. Nice shot of the eagle in the tree.

eric said...

Jon, I am heading out to Conowingo Dam in the next couple of weeks, and it researching the area I came upon your great pictures and sites. I am unfamiliar with the layout of the dam, where to set up etc. Can you provide any advice as to best viewing locations, what focal length I will need for eagle shots etc? Thanks - Eric