Saturday, October 11, 2008

Assateague & Chincoteague Fall 2008

This week I went out to Ocean City Maryland and visited Assateague & Chincoteague for the first time. Pretty cool spots!

Read on for more and some images...

Well, I'm still out on the Eastern Shore. I've been here for a few days, and still have a couple more to go.

Here are some quick edits, small versions, posted just to my blog (ie not flickr yet), as well as a few that I did post to flickr.

(already on flickr)
Tricolored Heron Hunting @ Assateague
Tricolored Heron *updated* Hunting @ Assateague

Yellow Legs @ Chincoteague
Yellow Legs @ Chincoteague Refuge, VA

Great Egret @ Assateague

Not yet on flickr, I want to make sure the edits come out right, and also I don't have my registered version of Photomatix on my laptop (hence the Photomatix watermark)

Assateague Island

This one was my favorite. I heard there's around 134 of these wild ponies...

This little guy was fun to watch hunting. Such a character.

(my fav again)

Sunrise @ Assateague. This tree was interesting to me without the sunrise the first day I was there, then on my third day, I had to shoot it and make an HDR...

Chincoteague The horse on the left was coming back towards the group, and the one on the right trotted out to greet 'em. Sort of a neat thing to witness.

So far I've had a great time out here, and I hope to have continued success over the rest of my trip.



Avi Revivo said...

Excellent photos! i like the second one the most.

Judy said...

I visited Assateague in May, 2008 & never got pics as gorgeous as these are! Super pics!!