Friday, March 13, 2009

Foggy photos of Eagles on the Susquehanna River

Eagle Scene

I managed to have some good luck at the river this morning. Usually the location is great for eagle action, closer shots of birds eating a fish or gazing in to the river.

This day I wandered down the path that parallels the river, and spent some time watching the birds and sunrise.

"The River"

I probably over-baked this image, but it WAS sunrise...

Early Catch

Sunrise on the river

The above are all at or about 400mm and shot from a tripod.

Here's a handheld photo taken the same day. The fly by was extra special because even though there were a bunch of photographers around to watch the eagles, no one else got this guy coming in. I had left the big group of people and walked down river a bit.

Got Fish?

The above is one of my favorites from last Fall at the river.

The eagle perched in a fairly nearby tree, and was a bit nervous. Maybe he was hungry and picked one of the first good trees he spotted to land in.

Time Stands Still

I did my best to not spook him, and got a handful of photos of him while her perched. But within a minute or two, he took off and landed in a tree that put his perch about 5 times higher.

Bald Eagle

This past fall (2008) at the river was a good one. I'm looking forward to going again 6 months or so.

-Nikographer / Jon



rodbot said...

great shots.

I love the heron in the back ground of the first one.

mon@rch said...

Those are such amazing photo! The last one is my favorite for sure! BRAVO

Anonymous said...

Really amazing shots.
Wonderfull place too.

Here, in Brasil don't have places like that.