Friday, April 17, 2009

How I Select Images To Post

Here is the image I've posted to flickr:
Red-Shouldered Hawk

So, I shoot often, went out tonight, and took quite a lot of images of the BCNH's and some of the above Red-Shouldered Hawk (RSH) at the US National Zoo. I focused on the wild birds - ie non-captive.

I got lucky and spotted this RSH after an hour or so of shooting around the Bird House. It looked wet, like it must have found a spot to take a bath and get all wet a little while earlier.

He (I'm guessing) spent maybe 20 or 30 minutes preening, etc, and I took possibly a hundred shots. I shoot lots, move around, and try to get 'different things' when a wildlife encounter is more than chance and 2 clicks long.


So. When I have any encounter, and I review the images I got, it's all about finding the image from that collection that is unique. Technically it might not score 100%, but subject and behavior and the light might be the best of the lot.

Here are a couple of other good ones, but not the one that grabbed me to post 1st...

I like to pick images that the subject is not seemingly aware of the photographer/camera.

That said, I might also like a shot where the animal is staring 100% at the camera too. If that looks like a strong emotion, or an intention, then it might work.