Saturday, September 12, 2009

Year 5 Day 12 - Overdrive

IDK, I think I may have just realized or maybe acknowledged that 4 years of posting to flickr nearly everyday, has made me grow. It seems forced when thinking about it this month that I am 'taking off posting from'. but.

It seems like a burdon now, a forced thing to post on avg. one image per day.
Sunset @ Great Falls National Park

But! read on for more...

BUT - That's the thing.

Without the regular thing where posting an image a day is "Required" - what's the active motivation to do anything beyond getting out, enjoying the day and mucking around with images?

I think that's it. Flickr and that daily push is what's got me moving like I have been for around 4 years straight.

While I did stop posting this month so I can examine my own motivations and try to grow from the break of it, I may have just convinced myself that i need to post daily so I don't go stale, and lose the spark that seems to come so easy when I am on a roll and very-active.

Carolina Wren

My primary goal is to make myself happy and enjoy my producing and viewing of images. BUT, again!

Taking and sharing images is a very nice nudge when it comes to keeping the faith...
Baltimore Oriole @ Brookside Gardens