Thursday, September 17, 2009

Year 5 Day 17 - Hdrsoft's Photomatix Upgrade (free)

I started by using the free trial version a year or two ago I guess. After editing tons of images and suffering through the watermark and trying to remove it, I bought version 2.5.3 of Photomatix.

With my pc now rebuilt with Vista 64 bit I had to reinstall Photomatix.

Great Falls / Potomac River

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Great Falls National Park on the Virginia side around sunset is one of my favorite places to go visit. When storms start to brew, I start to make plans to go. The best nights are when strong lines of thunderstorms roll through.

Great Falls National Park - Storm Brewing (+hdr info)

When I went to install Photomatix tonight I dug up my key and was about to install version 2.5.3. Then I decided to check on their web site because I remember reading they give/allow free upgrades to the next major version. After poking around I confirmed that and downloaded the latest version. Voila! My key worked, and there's even Lightroom integration, woohoo. That integration allows me to find my braketed shots and export them directly in to Photomatix. That's pretty cool. The only downside I've found so far is that when saving the images it doesn't automatically default to saving the HDR's to the location of the source files. Other than that I'm very happy. OH, and Photomatix has a 64 bit version, and that's twice the bits! Lol. So, it runs faster / uses the resources of Vista 64 bit better.

Skyline Drive, Va

p.s./ updated - there a check box to handle the output from Photomatix and put that back in the LR catalog, so it is basically perfect. Just what I'd wanted but didn't realize was there and available with my older license key...