Thursday, October 1, 2009

Octobers Past

I took most of September off from Flickr's daily grind of posting and visiting friends photos... And now I am back at it, posting, etc.

October's going to be awesome. Fall is such a great time in this area (Maryland, Virginia, Delaware - New England!, etc. The birds, the foliage, the cool weather, the later sunrises and earlier sunsets - I just love those changes.

3 Years ago I made my first trip to the Susquehanna River in search of eagles and it was a day like none other, with a real drama that unfolded revealing the character present in so many of the photographers there that day (and DNR's extremely slow response).
Eagle Injury and Rescue @ Conowingo Dam - 10/15/2006 - 6 of 6 (updated: R.I.P.)

Read on for more....

We thought that eagle must have hit the power lines and broke a wing and he then drifted down river.

Eagle Injury and Rescue @ Conowingo Dam - 10/15/2006 - 2 of 6

He was left for dead, then rescued and then a couple of days later at a rehab facility deemed too injured to be rescued...

That same day I got one of my all time favorite bald eagle photos. Since that day I've been a ton of times to the river to see the eagles. Peak time for them (mostly migratory eagles) is Thanksgiving to Christmas.

"Catch of the Day"

Some of the other places that I've been in Octobers past are Shenandoah National Park, where late October is good for foliage

Blue Ridge Mountains

and Mason Neck State Park in VA where some fog and a walk on the 'beach' gifted me with an brief encounter with a red fox

Red Fox @ Mason Neck, Va

And some god-beams peaking through the trees early during a walk at Mason Neck

Sunrise @ Mason Neck, Va

The river and eagles is probably the highlight of Fall here in Maryland, watch the leaves turn and fall and the eagles arrive, hungry for fish, and less afraid of human proximity than locals - it's a great thing.

Fall Eagle  ♪ ♪

I like to go with the flow, and plan for trips and get out shooting a lot, often. But when sunrise is earlier than 6am or the day's heat bring temps at or above 95 degrees I tend to save my energy. But it is the welcome Fall season where heat fades, the sun rises later and the days bristle with color that I make that extra push to get out and shoot.

Nature's Rainbow

It's October 1st and the next two months are going to be awesome. I just can't wait. Be it 100 miles away or 10 miles away, there's always something to search for in Fall...........

Autumn Colors in MD - 1

Pony @ Assateague Island

-Happy Shootin'



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