Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Year 5 Day 22 - Change and Perspective

(I struggle with voice and I vs. you should, but that's another post...)

Lately I've had reason to be going through all sorts of old images. I like to think I am open to seeing. I respond to hunches, you know, in your head you see something for a second and think 'hey that looks cool'. But only sometimes do you stop, maybe backup and look again, and shoot the image of the thing that caught your eye........ I know too many times I have that glimpse, that fleeting thought, and I let it pass.

Read on for more.

Tonight's adventure was looking through some images I took on a trip while in Maine during 2007. I went whale watching. We had a so so trip and saw a total of 3 whales.

(posted already)
Whale Watching - Humpback Whale - Off Portland Maine

Humpback Whale - Maine - 7/2/2007Whale Watching - Humpback Whale - Off Portland Maine

Humpback Whale - Maine - 7/2/2007

I was moderately happy with those images, we DID see whales which was the goal. But I wanted more, and still do.

Anyway, here are a couple of images that now catch my eye from that day. I took them so at the time I thought maybe this will work, but I never posted them.


Maybe not amazingly new perspectives, IDK. How about this one:


I used to work with a woman that had a thing. She would mix things up just for fun. I didn't know this until one day she came out of our work building and was wandering and wondering where her car was. I asked what was up, and she told me to keep things interesting she parks in different spots, and 'mixes things up' like that. It seemed a little strange at the time, but, I think there's something to be learned and gained from that.

I went shopping at a different store today, was out getting new eye glasses and went to a new spot. It was good. Normally I'd never go there, why would I? It's farther from home, but it was worth it, that little decision to mix things up.


I want to experience new things, photograph new things, and see in a new way every day that I can. I want to see and learn every day. It sounds simple but it can be hard. I know I find patterns and things I like and try to stick to things that worked well in the past, but life's too short and... I want more.