Monday, September 21, 2009

Year 5 Day 21 - A Couple New Gadgets

I have vowed to not get another dSLR this Fall. And I won't.

While my D200 is nearly worn out at 160,000+ shutter actuations / images, my D300 is no where near that and my Fuji S5 is under 20,000 I think. Both are great cameras and work very well. The only issue I've had lately is with the D300 and focus and I might have the fix thanks to Barry and the tip to turn off the focus lock!

But I did pick up a couple new gadgets.

Read on for details.

The first thing is something I've had my eye on and decided to get a couple weeks ago... It's the Vari ND neutral density filter.

The Vari ND is THE uber neutral density filter. It can stop up to around 8 stops of light which is great for blurred water, or removing moving people from a street scene by making the exposure time VERY long.

The other thing I got were replacement feet for my tripod. These have spikes and make the tripod a LOT more stable. I was surprised how much they helped.