Monday, September 21, 2009

Year 5 Day 21 - Summer's Almost Over

Summer's almost over and I'm cool with that.

(The last couple months have been stressful, and I think I figured it out (mostly anyway). I've had a lot of overdue dental work done this summer and that has been a pain in the neck, and has lead to a lot of stress. Today I got a bite adjustment, I know too much info for my nature blog, but, I'm fairly sure that it has already in just a couple hours made me feel better. That's part of what caused me to shoot less, be less on flickr and to be more looking inward. I thought it was something else, something bigger, in fact it was (I think, almost am sure now) a pretty basic thing that I didn't recognize and it grew over time. I went to the dentist around 10 times this summer, maybe more.)

Here's two images that stand out from this summer:
RefugeLocals Only

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With some relief now in sight, I am ready to dig in to a good Fall for photography.

I plan to hit the Eastern Shore again, the river for the bald eagles a bunch and even Vermont. And hopefully Shenandoah National Park again a couple times too.

Bald Eagle

The eagles really should be awesome this year on the Susquehanna river. I've been twice in September and it was so so action-wise, but migration season hasn't really started.

Yesterday I checked on my 'secret osprey spot' in Maryland and they all appear to be gone now, which is totally expected. Someone said a single one was spotted a week earlier.

Go Time for Chick 3

With Fall comes much later sunrises so getting to the eastern shore of Maryland by then will easier again. The downside is that getting to Great Falls for sunset after work will be harder. But that too is ok.

Pony @ Assateague Island from last Fall
She Was My Favorite Pony