Monday, October 19, 2009

Susquehanna River MD - Oct 18 2009

Mid-October is not nearly peak for bald eagles at the Dam on the Susquehanna River yet, but it's good there.

This past Sunday it was scheduled to be rainy ALL day, like 90% chance each and every hour according to I was so jazzed to go shooting that I woke up around 4am and headed out to another spot on the eastern shore of Maryland and then later wound up at the river.

I counted 50 eagles across the river without even trying in like 15 seconds.

Read on for more including a video...

Virtually no one else was at the river to see the eagles when I got there before noon. Within a few hours a handful of folks showed up. It was a slow day, but this time of year slow is still awesome.

Myself and others spotted an adult eagle with an antenna (ie GPS transmitter) - I think the standard is to track location data and upload it once or twice a day to conserve battery power. If you click to view the larger version you can see the antenna coming out of the back of this eagle

There were also a few banded birds, including this one with a green state band (I forget which state that is, MA/Mass. maybe?):

And this adult that had a blue state band (NY):

For me photographywise the highlight was this bald eagle flying by with a large catfish:

Also, one of the resident Peregrine Falcons flew up river too fast for me to catch a shot early in the day, then later (maybe same bird) one flew by and circled overhead for a brief moment and I managed an ID shot, nothing spectular:

I put together a some video from the morning of the eagles along the water, and as the sirens sounded to warn everyone to take to higher ground as the power generation was about to start. I'm a bit upset with myself because a guy was following me around and kept talking as I was trying to record some clean video. I should have spoke up and or walked away - even if just for 5 minutes, but I didn't. And the guy kept saying something like every 20 seconds whenever I'd hit the record button. So I had to chop up the video and remove audio completely from the last clip.... Fortunately the sirens in the video was still cool.

(note it says 11/18/2009 in the video-text but it was shot on 10/18/2009...)



MRNot said...

Very sweet! I must get up there soon..