Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Two Months of Fall Remaining 10-21-2009

I took a break in September to regroup, and have been on a good roll since.

With two months of Fall remaining, I need to keep at it and maybe shift it in to the next gear and accelerate a little.

black skimmersHawk Flap!

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Last night I went shooting at Great Falls with a friend and we hit a new to me spot, then the falls on the MD side and then walked down the tow path a bit AFTER sunset and I shot this with my Fuji and 80-400mm off a tripod.

Shoot The Moon

My new plan for sharing images and locations is to freely share info on the places I've been shooting for months and months and years. Places like Blackwater and Great Falls, where I've been like 50 times each or more, I'm cool with continuing to share info on the spots I shoot.

But this year I'm also hunting around, finding new locations, traveling farther distances in search good stuff, and not sharing images in real time, and not sharing location info at least publicly. I don't mind sharing some info with friends that ask, but what I'm mainly avoiding is those that lurk and those that would like to get the results but not put in the work required.

A part of me thinks I could give away all m best info and still be ahead of the game, but I don't want to make it too easy on the competition. Like this shot, IDK, I think it took some planning and creative thinking to make it happen.

Skimmers in Flight

In the next month I'm planning a couple big trips, which should yield some new subjects and fun new encounters.

The thing I really liked about the last couple places I went was that it was a search for the unknown, an adventure, and it could have been a bust or it could have been great. Risking it, not knowing what to expect, but planning for the best and trying - that's what I like, it was so fun.

Going to the same places with the same approach and nearly the same gear, and actually expecting different and better results - that is just stupid. I'm going to new places, with new approaches, and new techniques and ... we'll see what the future has in store. So far I think I'm on track.