Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bald Eagle - Full Crop NY S47 Band

I've seen a few eagles with a noticeably full crop, but none as pronounced as this bird today.

The bird was a banded eagle, from New York, with a (blue state) band of S47.

read on for more images, etc.

I don't know, if these aren't the utmost examples of what a bird and a full crop are, then maybe nothing can explain it via photos!

It was foggy most of the day, drizzled a little and there was like 10 minutes that the blue sky peeked through in the smallest patch, and these S47 shots were probably the best of the day for me since they show off such a unique thing even in the bland light...

p.s. this bird has a GPS transmitter, and you can see the antenna in a few of the photos.

-happy shooting,



ksteininger said...

LOL! Now that's one full crop!!! I'm not sure if this is the same gps guy that I photographed the other day but he had a HUGE fish! Nice to see you again Jon.