Friday, December 4, 2009

My Heron, and Winter Approaching

I guess I just realized that my heron is going to leave at some point.

Got Fish?

The pond he's at did freeze over, although it must have been more towards January.

(read on for more)

He's a goofy fella and a blast to photograph.

Up Periscope!

I'm going to keep visiting him as often as I can. When he does decide to leave that might be it. And he's the most friendly and unique heron I've ever photographed so I don't want to miss my chances.


A couple years ago I did just that. The Yellow Crowned Night Herons were so cool, let me get so close, and I went twice and then they moved on mostly and the following year they didn't repeat their appearance at the same spot. So I got shots over 2 days but it could have been so much more if I had worked the working spot hard while it worked.... Err something.

Juvenile Yellow Crowned Night Herons - 2008
Shake and Bake

You Can See The Crunch




mondaine said...

absolutely wonderful shots... your work is truly inspirational Jon. Keep it up.
- *Sandeep*