Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Black Skimmers

On one of my recent photo trips I was lucky enough to come across a flock of more than 400 or 500 black skimmers. They were very cool to watch, observe and photograph.

I first posted this photo because for me it represented some action, and a way of thinking differently (go for blur via lower iso when higher iso would seem the desired setting...)

Skimmers in Flight

read on for more.

I really liked going for color with these guys. Sunrise helped out, and so did they, they tolerate photographers and beach walkers pretty well.

"Black" SkimmersSkimmer's Morning Bath

At the beach

The group shots of them in flight were extra nice, seeing so many of them in similar poses at once...

HFF - Some Skimmers

Getting good exposures for the lights and darks in their feathers wasn't always easy, but the early light helped.

black skimmers

And finally here's my most recently posted shot, it is one that I liked when I saw it, because the birds are all lined up, looking towards the camera and you can see how their beaks are very thin from this angle, while from the side you'd think they are much bigger/fatter.......

Clone Army