Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Adventure of it all

I put in a 14 and 1/2 hour day today, roughly, for my door to door travels.

The days are longer than the shortest, but it is still a long way from Summer and the longest days. By 4:15 am or so I was on the road, and I made it about 140 miles to Assateague Island within just a few minutes of sunrise.

The past 6 months has been a bit interesting for me related to travel and photography. Some of my favorite photos have been the result of hard work but with a very random component. All the Black Skimmer stuff was the result of some risk taking and random chance.

Today I found (what I think was a group of 300+ Dunlin) on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

Out there

I don't normally even try for compositions like that! A little reading and exposure to different thinking can go a long way I suppose. Traveling around, I didn't even spot them, I got to where they were and it all just sort of happened.

What's weird in a way is that I went to like 5 places today, all different, each with some resulting images, but I just liked this - it seemed to touch a chord in me. It's different.

Strength In Numbers




ToadMama said...

I can see why these pics struck a chord with you. I look forward to hearing about and seeing more pics from your day.

Pat Ulrich said...

These images are fantastic, Jon! Such an interesting composition. I find too that no matter how much I plan ahead to try to see something in particular, when it comes to wildlife the random unexpected encounters are often the best.