Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Joe Rossbach's Photography and Videos

Joe is a local professional photographer that I'd say focuses on nature and landscape photography. He's been at it for 5 years full time, and has been a commercial and sports photographer for another 10 before that, if I recall correctly.

I've now seen him speak a couple times and he's good. I'd say all his success is well deserved and I am a fan of his work. He's got a great eye for composition, light and color.

Here's a video of some of his highlights from 2009 - check it out, some great work.

If you travel over to his web site you should check out his tips page which has a bunch of videos and guides, etc. It is always interesting to be able to watch some else use Lightroom or Photoshop. I picked up a few MAJOR things that I will try to add to my tool belt just by watching some basic stuff. You only know what you know, and these kinds of tutorial videos while they might seem a bit boring, can yield an entirely new method for photo editing.

The thing I picked up was from the image blending video and was the channel masking technique. A coworker has shown something like that to me probably 8 or 9 or more years ago, and it was ***zoom*** right over my head. I'd forgotten it the moment he did it and the 8 other steps he was showing me in PS 5.5 I think.

I will readily concede that I didn't invent my camera, my car or my computer. So, learning from how others have used these items can help me do the same, grow, and make the best of it all in my pursuit of photography...

I enjoy supporting local working professional photographers. When he spoke yesterday, I made sure to pick up a book he had for sale.

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Thom said...

Thank you for the reference to Joe Rossbach's web page.

I found the book "Photoshop for Nature Photographers" by Ellen Anon and Tim Grey to be another great source for post-processing.