Friday, April 30, 2010

GVP #16, #17, #18


Continuing on my Vertical project here are 3 more photos. I've managed to post nearly 20 now, without too much trouble.

Black-Crowned Night HeronBCNH NestOsprey @ Sunrise

I might just be able to keep this up for a while.

Magazines are vertical right? Covers are vertical, right? Hmmmm. I want to grow past the guiding hand that flickr is. I wonder how far this will go, how long I can keep shoot for and posting just vertical images?

It looks like some fox kits have started to show themselves at Bombay Hook Refuge. And quite a variety of birds are now at the refuge.

A week ago at Blackwater Refuge quite a few yellow legs were there. I also spotted a couple of great egrets.

May starts tomorrow. Here are my "most interesting shots tagged with May". I am planning to make new plans. :D / Jon


Thom said...

Your vertical project looks very successful from this vantage point.