Thursday, April 29, 2010

GBH and MD Osprey - GVP #14 #15


10 days in and about 15 vertical shots posted so far...

GBH Dippers

I've been shooting vertically more for sure. Yesterday I went to shoot some birds and actually tried some in flight shots vertically! It was weird and a little awkward, but it was good.

MD Osprey

Vertical flight shots worked best for the part of their flight where they'd bank in front of me to the left or right.

Keeping the manual focus ring locked down seems to avoid the problem where the camera stops trying to auto-focus if it moves.

Last night I experimented with intentionally setting the focus fine tune to -6. Very often I've shot an osprey for example and gotten the wings in focus and the head (which is slightly closer to the camera) is not in focus. The test seemed to work, and I will try again with something like -10 or -12. Flight shots with the subject closing in on the camera seem to be when this problem happens most.

I hedged my bet and shot with that setting for only a portion of my time out. The results seem to indicate it helped. My only fear for this is I will forget I had it set and then shoot something not moving and my focus will all be off slightly.

-50- / Jon


ToadMama said...

I love the MD Osprey perspective. I'm guessing those are her tail feathers sticking up in the background, but it looks like she's having a bad hair day.

Zac said...

Hi Jon,

Great website. If you would like some company while you're out shooting, I am a wildlife photographer also in the DC area. Here is my website (still a work in progress):

and check out this post out for my best nature shots in the past year:

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