Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Osprey Perch GVP #13

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It's pretty cool how adaptable osprey are. They can nest on power poles, man made nest platforms, channel markers, in actual trees some times. Although in the Maryland area osprey don't seem to nest in trees all that much.

One of my favorite odd locations for an osprey nest is this one on Route 50:

The Osprey of Exit 44A Route 50 Maryland (3 pix)

Preched Osprey - vertical shot for my GVP project.

Osprey Perch

One of my other favorite osprey platforms is near Reagan National Airport. Over there osprey use the channel markers as nest platforms, and then add all kinds of materials to build the nest. Here the monument in the background (and plane) provides the clue(s) for where it is located.


I've been searching all over the place for new spots and found quite a few. There are so many places that they nest - be it on private property, in refuges, above ball fields or even just in a parking lot on a light pole. Not all are accessible, still others are awkwardly located and not very photogenic. I managed to find a pretty good one recently and don't want to jinx myself so I am holding off on even going until there are chicks, which should be in about a month. A second spot is equally as good and I posted something the other day from that spot (but not the nest yet).


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Dina said...

Great pictures. What's really nice is all of the garbage they used for the nest by the airport.