Saturday, May 15, 2010

GVP Catch-Up - #24 to #32


I took a little break from posting my GVP shots on the blog, and this is my chance to catch up.

Here are the first few:

Cattle Egret @ Chincoteague NWR, VAAmerican OystercatcherLol

Shooting birds where they are low in the frame, and water or sky fill the background, I think that works quite well for a vertical.

-click for more-

GVP #26 was one of those that stands out. I've been to Great Falls a ton and a half of times and seeing something special, the light, the subject, trying for something (slow shutter) and having it all come together - I love that.

Great Falls Blue Heron



I dug the next one up from a few months ago. I did indeed shoot it vertically to start, around sunrise - the heron was on the ice and the light was just *so*....

GBH On The Ice @ Sunrise

Finally there's GVP #32 and the Air Show today at Andrews Air Force Base. With some weeks of vertical on the brain I shot more than ever vertical, and this setup was an obvious one (helicopter and troops being extracted via the rope). It was slightly strained to try to shoot the planes vertically - but it did work a number of times. The Heritage flight would have probably work best on the pass I didn't go vertical, and it did work ok on the pass that I did go vertical.... Lol. The Blue Angels went by all stacked up for a couple passes and that worked fairly well vertically.

One of the things that shooting vertically adds is that it removes the lost pixels from just cropping vertically from a horizontal shot. Some things just are vertical. It makes basic sense to match up the pixels and orientation to the subject.

Extraction @ JSOH 2010 / Jon


Dominic Gendron said...

Great serie, the one of the heron in the rapids is just sublime! A perfect piece of art ;)

Misty Dawn said...

I can't get past GVP #26... It literally takes my breath away and leaves me speechless. Every time I tried to scroll down, I just froze and stared at it some more. A truly outstanding and amazing capture!