Thursday, May 20, 2010

GVP Round-Up - #33 to #38


While at Chincoteague NWR in Virginia I saw a number of Oystercatchers, and this pair mated for a few moments north of Tom's Cove. I wish the laughing gull wasn't in the way, but what can you do.

Spring Fling @ Chincoteague NWR, VA
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This Great Blue Heron is a vertical of a similar one I'd posted already. Sunrise at Blackwater is basically a lock for something cool, something photogenic, and something that says 'wild' or 'the bay'...
Great Blue Heron @ Sunrise - GVP 34

Here's another of the Robin Chick(s) which were still blind and ready to be fed.
Feed Me!

This week I heard the awesome news that Naba gave birth to a Lion Cub! I was looking back on some old images and was surprised at just how long Luke and the 2 female lions have been at the zoo. Luke was in January 2007 I think, and the girls were here in December 2006. There was the talk of getting the 3 new cats for a while, and it seemed like one thing or another was delaying it. Now so much time has passed in a flash. Regular zoo goers were hoping to have them all out together "as a pride" for literally years. Then this year it all came together. The cats were introduced, and grouped up and then Luke mated with one of them and now a Cub! I hear that Luke has also now mated with Shera, the other female, too. So! Who knows there could be ANOTHER cub or two on the way.

Lion Pride Update - A Cub!Lion Pride Update - A Cub!

Finally here's a Red Fox from Bombay Hook in 2009 pouncing in to the grass trying to catch something.

2009_1228_D300s_06427-LR-2-cs1sm1smallani_notrans / Jon


Misty Dawn said...

I'm LOVIN that fox video clip! That is so awesome.