Sunday, June 27, 2010

banned from explorer - sort of

I post this on my other blog - reposting here:

Banned from Flickr's Explorer

Well, almost banned you might say. I've had just one image pop in to Explorer since the one I had on 2/23/2010. I wondered what it was when I didn't get anything in for a few days, then weeks, then months.

I posted something here after googling it about the ban and wondering why(?).

No body but someone on the inside would know for sure, so this is just from pure observation of stats and then guessing as to why or how... / Jon


Laurie-B said...


The number of shots that I have in Explore is a poor stand compared to yours but images that once would have qualified are now passed over. I think they've changed the algorithm again. I've noticed, but can't prove, that a number our mutual contacts seem to have fewer recognized also.

I don't think you are alone.

Nikographer said...

Yeah, I'm mostly ok with it. It is what it is so - there's no point in being bugged really.

What made me post this though was recently discovering that some folks with similar numbers to me (Imapix, and the other guys I mentioned in that full post) and similar photo types seemed to have a hiccup of not getting in (2/25 to 3/1), and then for the most part they still have tons making it in.

I'm happy for all the exposure I got already, millions of views. The change seemed pretty drastic and not evenly applied though. I'm just saying...

Buddha's Ghost said...

Don't feel singled out. The same thing happened to me. I've had a grand total of 2 photos in Explore (one in March and one in June) since the last week of February and I used to be on it fairly regularly. And to make it even more interesting, as of last week, a huge number of my images that had been solidly entrenched in their explore positions going back as far as 2008 were dropped all at once. Now, I have nothing but a handful of photos no newer than 2008. *Shrug* Makes one wonder...