Thursday, June 17, 2010

Delivering The Morning News


Casco Bay, Maine - just after sunrise.

I'm sort of never satisfied anymore. I want to see and do new things as much as possible, and record new images to me, and maybe new to other folks too.

Delivering The Morning News

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I went out on the commuter/sunrise ferry out of Portland Maine with my brother recently and saw the bins of bundled newspapers and then wondered if they'd deliver them as the commuters were picked up. Then I realized on the way out maybe they'd just toss them to the closer docks, and I prepared for that and got lucky and recorded the toss here. (the ferry never stopped for this part, just slowed a bit to make for an accurate delivery.)

In the past 10 or 12 years I've probably visited Maine 40-plus times and in that period I've never done this trip. Just once I've done a Whale-watching trip - we saw 3 whales. This ferry ride was interesting. There are a handful of folks that take the ride out to the islands that early, to go there to work. Most of the riders on the ferry however were people leaving the islands (maybe 5 or 6 stops) and heading to the mainland, to go to work.

My brother and I grew up as boaters and on the water regularly. It was fun to be out again, together, enjoying the sunrise and the rock-and-roll and the swell, the ocean swell, finding its way in to the bay and rocking the ferry a bit.

Looking back now I think it was the time spent as kids on the water that helps me to appreciate nature and wildlife so much now. The slow pace of sailing, enjoying, and relaxing, is something that was a regular and common thing - and photography now helps me to enjoy again.

Me in 1977!
Me in 1977 / Jon


ToadMama said...

Jon, I love your "back in the day" pic! Enjoy Maine! It's got to be far more pleasant there than here.