Wednesday, June 16, 2010

MD Osprey - 2010 my nest update


I think "my" nest has failed.

MD Osprey

From a couple months ago, right after I started my going vertical project and held off posting any horizontal or square images...

Since then the female was on eggs consistently, and then suddenly no one was on the nest at all. That was about a month ago.

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Someone else checked and didn't see an adult actively seeming to tend to eggs or chicks. I've been again in the past week, and the same appears to be true. However a couple of locals said yes, there are chicks... So, I basically think the nest failed, but I'm holding on to a 1% chance that maybe the locals are right. To my eyes the adults were not behaving like they had any eggs or chicks anymore. No feeding, no protecting of chicks, just not on the nest. But they were in the area, and prior to my direct approach I saw them on and off the nest, but not tending to anything.

While watching the "empty nest" I did see some twigs and branches move a bit, but nothing I could say confirms there's a chick or chicks in there out of sight. :(

Here are a few other shots from the same day as the above.
Osprey (GVP #19)TalonsMD Osprey / Jon