Friday, September 17, 2010

Birds Fly South

It's that time of year. It has to be. In just 2 days I saw 2 hawks flying overhead while I was driving. And not in the place or area I'd expect them, just in residential areas right off 2 lane roads.

Hawk mountain had a 1,000+ Broadwinged Hawk day yesterday, Cape May had a 100+ American Kestral/hr day after a storm this week. I even saw 5 ducks at my local little pond for the first time in ages. There's been a kingfisher and a green heron there, but no ducks until this week.

I even have seen a handful of flotillas of Canada Geese flying generally southish.

These Guys Rock

If you are looking for volume of subjects, variety like no other time, this is it. Tons of birds are flying south right now.

I wouldn't consider it snow goose time until late November, and December.
Snow Geese - JX75, A5C6, PM44 (3 pix)Taking Flight

Right now it's raptors, hawks, falcons, eagles, owls, and little birdies like warblers, sparrows, all those kinds of birds and hundreds more!
Looking for the birds @ Hawk Mountain, Pa

Sunrise isn't so early anymore,
and sunset isn't so late.
It's not hot out.
It's not cold out.

Do you like to complain? There's nothing to complain about now.

I'm going shooting!
Female Dark Eyed Slate-colored JuncoMale Snail KiteMagnolia WarblerHawk Hill
nice shot / Jon