Friday, June 10, 2011

Have Fun - Flickr

Every few days or weeks I notice that someone has favorited one of my flickr multi-image posts, and often especially this Red-Tailed Hawk set of posts.

There was someone on flickr, and it hit facebook too, where ppl turned posted individual images in to posting collages or multi-tile images one post at a time....

I first saw it on flickr, but soon realized ppl were doing something similar on facebook to create sets that when viewed as thumbnails created a single image.

Whatever you do with your images, have fun. Post. Print. Sell. Share. Donate. Take images and do something with them - and have fun. / Jon


Kathie said...

I find the sasme with my own photos too at Flickr. I also have a blog but not here at Blogger where I post Australian nature and wildlife photos. Been doing a search to see what others do and found you.