Thursday, June 30, 2011

Osprey update June 30, 2011

I haven't been to visit "my" nest in a couple weeks. Last I checked the 3 chicks were doing well.


I visited tonight and was met with a sad sight. One of the 3 osprey died, and is still in the nest.


The chick in the background was really bothered by the situation, just looking at its sibling that wouldn't move any more. And it bothered me too.

I couldn't tell what the cause was for sure until I got home and reviewed the images closely, but I had a suspicion. I thought maybe a hook from a snagged fishing line had managed to be eaten by the osprey. But it appears that the osprey chick got tangled in the line and died from that.

There wasn't much to do, but I reported it to someone that can hopefully get a visit from someone that can remove the dead bird.

And to be expected, mom was still mom, and yipped a couple times. And dad came by with a fish, circled a few times, and then delivered a fish. And then mom fed the (2) chicks.

Life goes on. / Jon


Matt said...

yikes. that's sad. I hope it wasn't TOO painful, although fishing line and a hook couldn't have made her go easily. Some of the results of humans and nature co-mingling really suck.

igamereviewz said...

Wow. That is just not fair. Hope she went quickly and painlessly! I think your pictures are great!

Check out for info on animals and stuff! Very cool site (not mine!) and think their info and your pics go very well together!

Joshua Kirton said...

Great picture. I love the eyes of the chicks. Dinner time!

saffron said...

Perfect Capture!

TenLim said...

That photograph. how amazing :O