Monday, March 22, 2010

Light, Color and Gesture

Spring is HERE! Winter be gone. That was a ton of snow we got here in the Mid-Atlantic and I'm ready for the grass to grow, flowers to bloom and birds to migrate back and start their breeding.

And I'm ready to make some new images. Not the images I've made before, and not the images that many around me are making either.

Snow Geese Wedge @ BBH (Pre-Sunrise)

To reach that goal I need to some how look past my old ways, and trying to repeat my past images or just improve on them incrementally. I think I've written something close to that before, here and here.

Two Black Skimmers

This past weekend I went shooting and used my camo blind. It worked fairly well, but the spot I went to once again had other people in the area. So, me being hidden while others are within earshot and not trying to hide didn't work. I got images, and some were fine, but besides some details about some individual birds at a nest, there's nothing all that new which I captured. Using the blind put me on the right path to success, but I just needed some more luck, or different plans.

What I took away from the day there was hiding is good, but I need to hide from the people too (again). To accomplish my goals of hiding I need to pick better times and better spots. And I also just ordered a bit more camo from to use to better concele my spot. And I need to also make something to dampen the sound of my camera's shutter.

I have a bunch of foam packing material, the stuff hard drives are cushioned with, that I am going to cut up and make a camera wrap type things out of. When I get that done I will post something.

The Tree & The Path

For the purpose of this post, Light Color & Gesture means to not just grab shots, flight shots on blue sky where the only goal is exposure and freezing the action. It's a fine goal but shooting good subjects and capturing sharp images is not enough any more...

Happy Shootin'

-50- / Jon